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Probably the most famous candy treat in the world, the snack sized pieces of chocolate (and peanuts) in a candy shell are instantly recognizable all over the globe.
Group: Chocolate figurines
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Crammed with peanuts, caramel and nougat then coated with milk chocolate, SNICKERS quickly became one of the planet's favorite treats after its introduction in 1930. And it is still at the top, 75 years later.
Group: Chocolate bars
Chocolate Bars Dove
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The legendary ice cream bar was just the beginning. However you like your indulgence, there's a DOVE chocolate product for you.
Group: Chocolate bars
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Originally made in Britain but now sold all over the world, the MARS bar is one of the confectionery industry's greatest success stories.
Group: Chocolate bars
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Sugar-free ORBIT gum leaves your mouth clean and healthy.
Group: Bubble-gums
Candies EXTRA
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Known the world over for fresh flavors that deliver healthy, beautiful smiles.
Group: Sweetmeats
Dog's Nutrition Pedigree
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With more than seventy years experience behind us, PEDIGREE helps make sure that man's best friend stays fit, healthy and happy. There's a Pedigree meal for every size and shape of dog.
Group: Forage for dogs
Cat's Nutrition Whiskas
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If you want to keep your cat healthy and happy, there's no better choice than WHISKAS. After all, we've been making it for over forty years.
Group: Forage for cats


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